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Best Tapas Around

One of the joys of Spain is the huge variety of "tapas" and it's incredible value for money ... or even coming free with your drink! We have chosen a few links for you to follow http://madridnofilter.com/11-great-bars-for-free-tapas-in-madrid/ http://www.timeout.com/barcelona/food-and-drink/barcelona-bars-with-free-tapas  http://www.malaga-university.org/Malaga-Restaurants.htm 

Live well for less!

Take a look at this very interesting article and see how you can live well for less Cost of Living in Spain   http://eastofmalaga.net/2015/07/20/cost-of-living-in-malaga-spain-july-2015/ 

Free Spanish Property Sales

Eugenio Vandelsen I can vouch for what Hugh tells us. I have listed our "beautiful Finca" on Villa Move and I was very agreeable surprised and so were myFamily and Friends... Really easy and a great Web Site.. Thanks,Hugh Steele-Perkins for adding your site to so many already BUT MAY THE BEST WIN. Have a great weekend smile emoticon 2 hrs · Unlike ·  View More

Happy Customer

Our property has now been let with an option to purchase. I wouldn't have minded if it stayed "on your books" for a while as SOLD, just to keep the web full wink emoticon My own expirience with Hugh Steele-Perkins is that he is very competent, sorts out any technical problems really fast and communicates with you even faster. Definitly a web to remember when you are trying to s View More

Pre Paid Money Cards

Using Credit and Debit Cards has become a way of life in an ever increasing cashless society and now we have seen the advent of the pre paid Foreign Exchange Card. A word of warning! Be very choosy when selecting a card. We would all like to think that such cards are Free from Charges and there is no Withdrawal Fee, however this is not the case. Take for instance the Thompson Travel Money Car View More

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